Invisible Me—Launch Day, by Tyler Inman


Where do I begin?

I awoke on Thursday 12th July in London with excitement, I can not believe today is the day everyone is finally able to read what I have written.

I hope to make the invisible children visible in every classroom.

I was barely able to eat my Breakfast with the excitement. Then the moment had arrived for me to meet Richard and Martyn, although we have spoken many times on conference calls, it was an honour to meet them in person, for I am very aware they have given me a chance of a lifetime, and in so doing so, an opportunity to make other children seen and heard.

Together we went to my first ever ‘ business lunch’ where they very kindly made me a plain cheese sandwich ( my favourite). Every single person around the table has influenced my life significantly, I feel extremely lucky these adults acknowledge and ‘listen to’ me as a child. They affectionally refer to themselves as ‘Tyler’s team’ which makes me smile.

From here we went to Marie Curie head Office in London, where I was asked to do my first ever book signing, which was a wonderful yet surreal experience.

They very kindly asked me to do some interviews for Social media, then I was granted an meeting with Dr Jane Collins who is the Chief Executive of Marie Curie, I was absolutely thrilled to meet her she very kindly discussed my book with me and we talked about how important the Charity is to our family.

After a few more book signings, we headed homeward, however my Mum almost put us on the incorrect train, however as luck would have it a very kind staff member pointed her in the right direction.

The next few days have continued to amaze me, with beautiful articles being written and supporting children like myself up and down the country.

I have attempted to read the comments on social media strands, all I can say is I am extremely grateful for them all. What I really enjoy is, is it’s got people taking about the subject—the children in the classroom who are currently not visible—they are being spoken about in print and on different social media platforms, for all of this I am very grateful, this is the biggest gift the book has given me.